He Is The Man

When he walks along the road,
As genial as people regard,
Not so overly plod,
Nay springbok the rapid,
But as calm as you have imagined,

When he sees a lass,
He drops his gazes,
Get on to his shoes,
When he discerns his brothers,
He who greets,
With very genuine smiles,
Where his true probity lies,

His heart is attached to the mosques,
And read the Qoran daily at any circumstances,
He never incurred the curse of his mother or paterfamilias,

He would be sure a thing for his heart and tongue,
To always dhikr at any time,
Like Yunus inside the stomach of a whale,
For true satisfaction comes to the core,

He cares for Ummah,
Invariably seek for Ma'rifah,
Never forget to Sadaqah,
And practice the Sunnah,

He is a man,
A normal man who is not perfect,

His tranquil sense,
His placid appearance,
With no illusions or desire,
It is from his humble nature,

It is not from him being a celebrity,
A man with faith in The Almighty,

The protection provided by his Deen,
He is the man,
Who owned the heart which has Imaan.


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